Wednesday, January 14, 2009

With love from Marsha

Marsha, my good friend and amazing Israeli teacher, sent the following recipe for potato salad:

This is how we make it here.
8 or 9 boiled cooking potatoes in skins
Peel the potatoes when cool.
Add 4 hard boiled eggs
5 pickles
Some like peas or corn (We prefer corn)
Then, add mayonaise
A teaspoon of mustard, if you like
We also add a bit of crushed fill for flavor

And, then she added my favorite line,
"You have funny ideas and make me laugh."

I am blessed to have such a great friend. Marsha has established a website for children to share their writings and artwork. This site is open to all children throughout the world. The goal is a future with greater tolerance and respect for all people.
So, give Marsha's recipe a try. And, if you are curious about her website, you can find it at

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