Saturday, January 10, 2009

Potato Salad Fans Unite

Throughout my life, I have had the priviledge of sharing potato salad with friends and family. My earliest memory of this dish center on 4th of July celebrations in our backyard. All of my eight sisters and brothers would be seated along our long picnic table. My father would be grilling burgers and my mother prepared the much anticipated potato salad. She used different ingredients, depending on her mood, the season, and the event. However, my dad's choice included his favorite things: crumbled fried bacon, lots of chopped onions, and mayonaise. It was his Irish heart's dream of a perfect dish.
Nothing was measured. It was a large bag of potatoes boiled in their skins, that were later removed when cooled. The potatoes were then cut up into pieces. A full pack of bacon was chopped up, fried, and placed on paper towels to absorb the grease. At least two yellow onions were then chopped and added to the potatoes and bacon. Mayonaise was added until there was the desired consistency. Of course, salt and pepper to taste.
This was the center of our meal.

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